Coba Coffee

COBA is coffee you can eat - convenient, satisfying, and affordable. At the heart of UC Berkeley, a group of students engineered coffee into an easy source of energy that fellow students can enjoy anytime, anywhere. If you’ve ever fallen asleep in class, needed coffee when all the shops were closed, or were too busy to get coffee but needed the energy , COBA is for you.

Kongruent Works

Kongruent Works is a small team of creatives and fabricators based out of a workshop in Pasadena, CA offering design and fabrication services to the greater Los Angeles area. Birthed in 2015 out of a home garage, Kongruent a desire to offer support to small and local business and their ventures. Their services ranges from designing a brand identity for a new start-up concept to elevating established brands through marketing, fabrication, and merchandise.

Bramble & Vine Photography

Bramble and Vine strives to document the cherishable moments and details of your wedding day. From making permeable memories through the luminous art of film to the photographic print on your wall and album on your table.