Kevin unintentionally stumbled into the world of floral design in 2016. As a broke college student/underpaid youth pastor, he desperately needed an economically friendly alternative to purchase flowers for his students as they graduated from high school. After receiving a tip from a friend, he visited the LA flower district, the world’s largest wholesale flower district. The moment he loaded the bouquets in his car and drove off to campus, he knew. He began experimenting with bouquet making and decorating for small scale events. The next year, Kevin and Stephanie Kim launched Handbloom Wedding and Event Floral Design with the simple goal of creating opportunities to work with flowers while making some extra money on the side. In September 2019, Kevin took the business to its next chapter by rebranding and creating The Open Tulip, while Stephanie moved on to pursue other ventures while also remaining part of the team as a freelancer.

Who we are

The Open Tulip is a Los Angeles based venture that meets at the intersection of Faith and Floristry. As an upscale flower vendor, we tread along pastel tones and naturalistic designs, giving event attendees the feeling of walking through nature while being shocked with a bolt of romance. We specialize in weddings and group floral design workshops, while also working the occasional corporate event or celebration. Complementary to our core business is our blogging and content platform, which provides the world with commentary on faith, spirituality, culture, and justice.

the name

TULIP is a Mnemonic device that originated sometime in the late 19th/early 20th century and was used to spell out the Five Points of Calvinism, a set of doctrines that articulated core truths of the Old Guard. These ideas denounced every last breath of humanity’s goodness, negated any notion free will, and abused the idea of “Divine Sovereignty” to justify slavery, promote misogyny, and perpetuate unjust systems that ensured the aristocracy stayed in power. To make things worse, this toxic theology has experienced a recent resurgence, spilling into faith communities everywhere, hiding under the covers of skinny jeans and hipster cafes. Here, TULIP is a closed system and it leaves no room for real and authentic truth, creativity, and beauty. It’s time for a change.

The Old Guard has had an ideological monopoly on the word “tulip” for over a hundred years. Again, their belief system was created and enforced by those who had power and were born with privilege. They were white. They were wealthy. They were male. They claimed to be heterosexual. And they were closed to all perspectives from those on the margins. Women. People of Color. LGBTQIA+ People. The poor. But alas, we all know that tulips are best when open and fully in bloom. While a closed tulip navigates adolescence and tries to make sense of its surrounding, hides from the unknown and perceived incoming danger… An open tulip is mature, experiences life to the fullest, soaks in the world around her, and lets her beauty shine so all can see. The Open Tulip is an expression of infinite creativity and goodness, expanding consciousness, the dismantling of bad religion, and transformation of the world’s spiritual landscape.

And of course, flowers :)